Sandy Estabrook's Guide to Treasure Cay, Abaco as well as our other pages have undergone a Post Dorian / Post COVID-19 update -April 2021.
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Treasure Cay Beach scene Treasure Cay Beach View

Treasure Cay Beach scene Florence of Florence's Bakery
Blue Hole Nearby Blue Hole

The Banana Lady The Banana Lady

/Netty's Netty's Restaurant Coopers Town

/Tit's Take-Away Tit's Take-Away Crown Haven

/Crown Haven Ferry.jpg The End of the Line - Ferry to Grand Bahama

/Moraine Cay Moraine Cay

/Moraine Cay Angel Fish Creek Replacement Bridge
Post Dorian March '22

Treasure Cay & North Abaco

Hope Town Lighthouse Treasure Cay's Famed Beach (From Bahama Beach Club)

Treasure Cay, (Map) it may surprise you but, Treasure Cay is not a Cay "any more" but rather the name of the resorts, region and airport serving that area of Great Abaco Island. Its beach boasts the most beautiful crescent white sand beache (sat photo) in all the Abacos and often listed in the worlds top 10! It lies Great Abaco Sound AKA the Sea of Abaco.

There are two resorts here, the largest is the Treasure Cay Resort and Marina and the upscale Bahama Beach Club. In addition there are numerous rental homes and villas. (As of March '22 the Marina was closed and rumors persist of Treasure Cay Resort being sold)

Most accommodations are in the form of condos, villas and homes which the resorts manage or private agency rents to vacationers. Many condo owners have their own website, use the likes of or can be found on our Accommodations and Services page or with a Google/Yahoo search. One that we thoroughly enjoyed staying is Sanddollar Dreams, which is right on Treasure Cay's famous beach.

Hammock Sanddollar Hammock

Within Treasure Cay Resort and Marina area, are pools, bars and restaurants, gift shops, grocery store and Florence's Bakery. There is a diversity of rental properties pretty much clustered by style. As mentioned villas, townhouses, condos and single family homes. All focus on the beach and marina, pool bar and its restaurants. As part of the resort you'll find Spinnakers Restaurant. It's a first class restaurant where we once dinned on their delicious 9 oz lobster tail - fantastic! And the conch chowder, exceptional. Ask for table 6, 7 or 8 in the Bar area. The Hangout spot in the evening is the Tipsy Seagull - right at the marina and steps from Spinnakers. The house drink as one might expect is the Tipsy Seagull. If there happens to be one of their fishing tournament taking place in season, it'll make for a lively occasion. If you are lucky, usually "Pizza Night", Chris "The Burner" Russell's, band may be playing. Chris leads one of the best bands we've heard in the Abaco and written about in one of our updates He is not just limited to "Island Music", his country repertoire is great too.

As for other activities, be sure to advantage yourself of their renowned 18 hole golf course. Afterwards a swim at their quintessential crescent beach with lunch at their beachside Coco Bar is a must. The marina's dive shop has unfortunately closed (8/14) - suggest Brendal's on Green Turtle or Troy at Dive Guana. At the Treasure Cay Marina you'll also find the fishing charters are endless, ranging from deep sea to bay or bone fishing. The Marina is also the home base of the ferry "Prozac" which runs to Guana Cay / Nippers and places elsewhere. Their slip is near the Tipsy Seagull. (365-8749)

Outside the resort area you'll find the popular Touch of Class restaurant. They will send a courtesy shuttle to pick you up and bring you home after dinner (365-8195). Closer in but just outside the resort gate is Treasure Cay's newest resort which includes a Mediterranean style restaurant called "Treasure Sands Club. It's right on the beach front and has had some very positive reviews.

For things to do, you might want to check out Abaco Ceramics. Here you will find all sorts of lovely handcrafted items which are made on the premises. The shops owner Karen McIntosh has won many awards and has cliental world wide. It's just outside the gate. All in all the Resort area is a great location for exploration of North Abco and its settlements of Coopers Town & Fox Town. Of course you'll have to rent a car. A day trip to Green Turtle and Guana Cays with a rental boat from one of the agencies in the area is always fun. See our Boating in Abaco page, and remember the reason why you came to this part of the world - the waters and the Beaches.

Nearby is a Blue Hole and the Highest Point in All of Abaco.

The Treasure Cay Area offers some interesting exploration namely one of many BLUE HOLES, which is a short hop from the resorts front entrance and only a few miles from the Green Turtle Ferry dock. And finally, on the road between Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour you will be passing the highest point in Abaco. And that be 134 feet! Not very high I know, but a lot higher than the costal keys and barrier islands of the US. (Map) It's Just off a dirt road heading east. You'll see a tower erected in earlier times by real estate interests. On a recent visit I climbed to the top and took the picture shown below.

Exploration of the Abaco Cays begins by clicking one of the compass points at the top.

N o r t h    A b a c o

Coopers Town (Video) will be our first stop - 16 miles north of the ferry dock at Treasure Cay. It houses the government offices and is the seat of the commissioner for northern Abaco. For a bite to eat there is Netty's Restaurant, Bar and Souse House. There is also a gas station, food market and a couple shops. Visiting by boat can be difficult at its docks are on the exposed part of the open bay and best in a west wind. Coopers Town is also the home of the past Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and a celebrity of note from this area is Sevatheda Fynes a gold & silver medal winner as a member of the Bahamas Olympic Relay Team.

Government Health Clinic North Abaco Government Health Clinic

Recently there has been a Chinese invasion in this region with the construction of a state-of-the-art 45 acre port project. That is three times larger than Marsh Harbour's port area! (Artist rendering) The project was completed in 2018 but stands mostly empty. The undertaking is was done in partnership with Government of China- can there be a Chinese restaurant soon?

But more importantly is the strategic nature of its proximity in relation to the US. In addition to Southeast Asia, China has been aggressively expanding their influence throughout the Bahamas elsewhere and the Caribbean in general such that we have added a page on the subject.

Heading north from Coopers Town, about 6-7 miles, you cross Angel Fish Creek Bridge, and are now on Little Abaco Island. You are now approaching the settlements of Cedar Harbour, Mount Hope and Wood Cay where you'll find the Tangelo Hotel & Restaurant, a popular spot for bonefisherman and Bahamian cookin'. Next we come to the scenic village of Fox Town / Crown Haven. Although separate it's hard to distinguish the separation. In Fox Town you cant help but notice the prominent new pink Government Health Clinic that serves the settlements. It one of the biggest building north of Treasure Cay.

Fox Town Seaside Da Valley - Fox Town Seaside     photo-Nina Henry    

Fox Town & Crown Haven. as mentioned they are hard to separate but Crown Haven is the end of the line. It's on the top of Great Abaco where the road ends facing the Little Abaco extension. From here there is a passenger ferry that can take you to Mclean's Town on Grand Bahama Island, where can catch a bus for the 60 mile trek to Freeport. More info on our Ferry Page.

On one trip we couldn't help bur notice a small 12 x 12 store called Tit's Take Away and yes we stopped and chatted with Tits, bought a couple sodas and were on our way. For a more serious bite to eat try Chill Bar 1 in adjacent Fox Town. If you decide you want to spend the night at Fox Town, Millie's Guest House is the place to go for clean comfortable roms. Near by, let chef Judy Russell cook you a delicious Bahamian style grouper at Da Valley Restaurant. It's adjacent to the Shell station right on the water. We hear tell the crancked conch is like tempura. Here there is also a convience store, part of gas station, and they even have a boat rental agency. So why not head on over to Ronald's Boat Rentals. If you are an experienced boater, head out the 9 miles across the Sea of Abaco to lovely Moraine Cay and spend the day. Or for the more adventurious rent the whole island and home and invite family and friends. Details Here.