Our Trip Reports used to Update the Pages of
Sandy Estabroook's Abaco Guide.

A few of our Abaco visits are chronicled here.

Update # 1

Our Air carrier goes belly up / Guana Cay Controversy heats up. / New Plymouth Inn closes / Hurricane Aftermath / Sea Lice strike!

Update # 2

Typical trip, rented boat / Stayed GT & HT / Visit Guana & Little Harbour / Cousins, Sister & Husband Arrive / Oh, Lots of Weddings

Update # 3

Great Abaco / Top to Bottom / Crown Haven to Sandy Point / Blue Holes & Wild Horses / Neem / Another Lighthouse
Wedding number 618

Update # 4

Fishing Tournament Fun / In the movies! / New Plymouth Inn opens / Lightning strikes cat / Lionfish start showing up / Tilloo Cay Visit - 1st time

Update # 5

Quick trip, traveling alone, Caught up on local Gossip / First Lion Fish Derby / The Swidgel / My last visit with Ray / Motu Iti II shows up!

Update # 6

Elbow Cay to Little Harbour only. Our new 1 1/2 hour non-stop carrier from Fla's west coast- now (also) kaput! Wedding number 738.

Update # 7

Hurricane Sandy forces cancelation then Spring canceled too. Missed joining friends and a fellow named Carrot Top.


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