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The Chinese are coming to Have Arrived in the Bahamas
slowly putting the pressure on the Bahamians influencing:
Trade, Currency, Politics, Aquaculture, and even Military, with the latest being their "One China Policy".

Folks in the US may know of the strategic Chinese expansion projects in the South China Sea and elsewhere, but few tourists are aware of what's going on in the Bahamas and even the Abacos only 55 miles from from Florida (Bimini) at it's closest point.

And to think it all started with Conch. A few articles are below.

And a recent article

July 12, 2023:    The Newest Chinese Naval Base Is in,,,,, the Bahamas!

"Chinese Money Trap" Posted 3/1/21. Bahamas not mentioned (Asia version)

Nov 18, 2021 China and The Bahamas - A Strategic Challenge for the US.
A 'Cold War' Analogy Is Lazy and Dangerous.

May 13, 2020 At the height of COVID-19, the Bahamas and select Caribbean Nations reiterate thier "One China Policy".

April 30, 2020 Following up on its commitment to assist The Bahamas in the fight against the novel coronavirus, the Chinese government has donated a third round of essential medical supplies to The Bahamas.

March 24, 2020 the Bahamas close all airports in The Bahamas to incoming international flights carrying visitors, and closing all seaports to international and regional seafaring and private boating.

March 20, 2020 Caribbean and the Bahamas becoming new hot spots for Chinese investment At Freeport Grand Bahama Island, some 89 miles off Palm Beach Florida, a Hong Kong-based company has spent approximately $3 billion developing and expanding a deep-water container port.

February, 2020 China announces "Hunan" Coronavirus to the world in February when it's actual release was in November. March 18, 2020, it promises Aid to The Bahamas, now with its first Bahamian victum, no doubt spread by one of the many Chinese now in the Bahamas.

January, 2020 the Bahamas launch their Crypto currency the "Sanddollar", following China's model the digital yuan, launched only a month prior!

October 3, 2019 Minister Hails 'Feather In Cap' Chinese Air Deal. The two countries laid "the foundation and groundwork" for direct flights between them through their bilateral deal signed last Thursday. It eliminates the need for Chinese visitors to obtain visas. He added, it also "plays into" the significant Chinese ownership in the resort industry at Baha Mar and the British Colonial Hilton/The Pointe.

September 20, 2019 Bahamian Speaker of the House, Halson Moultrie suggests "China Should Consider Developing Southeast Bahamas" and "help with relocating the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services [prison] from New Providence [Nassau] to Little Inagua." amongst other things.

September 11, 2019   Post Dorian   article by the News Talk Florida   "President Trump and Gov. DeSantis need to move or China will take a major role in the Bahamas -
It's the best column yet
authored by Nancy Smith. As a result Marco Rubio registered his opinion in an Op-Ed in the Miami Herald.

July 13, 2019, article by the Gatestone Institute and sent to us by the John Bachlor Show WABC, NY is - authored by Gordon G. Chang

May 29, 2019 China Is Cashing In On This Piece of Paradise Just 60 Miles From Palm Beach - Brad Thomas - for Forbes

May 14, 2019 Lack of US Ambassador to Bahamas (8 years) Gives China free rein to develop country. A Video

Apr 8, 2019 The Bahama turns it's back on Taiwan after China builds $80,000,000 port facility in Freeport

Apr 3, 2019 Is It Too Late to Counter China's Rise - William A. Galston - WSJ

Mar 25, 2019 The Bahamas & Caribbean Islands becoming hot spots for Chinese investment Includes VIDEO - Rachel Oswald - Roll Call

Mar 20, 2019 China accused the US government of trying to "disintegrate solidarity and cooperation between China and other developing countries" - Tribune 242


The Socialest leaning PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) Hookup with Chinese Communist party - includes Video

Bahamas to trade in Chinese Currency

Side Effects: New Chinese Smuggling Ring

Bahama Govt. Eyes Agri-Fishing plan with China

Baha Mar -a 1,000-acre resort complex on the island of New Providence near Nassau has cost Billions and Bankruptcy and a prime minister his job.

NOTE: By mid spring 2019 the subject of Chinese influence throughout the Bahamas became so prolific that we couldn't keep up to date. So, for interested parties, we suggest you open Google Alerts and set it to "China+Bahamas" you will get articles daily.