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The Three Motu Iti's
Six Trips
The boats that took me to Abaco, Bahamas
from Florida's west coast, Longboat Key, Sarasota, Florida.
The information contained in my tails is still timely even they took place over a decade ago.
We begin with my first trip and conclude with my Solo Trip over and back.

Motu Iti I, 29' Phoenix Sport fish powered by twin 270hp Crusaders, brought with us when we moved to Florida,
from Setauket NY. Tankage 240 Gal. safe range 190 Nm.
Shown here at the Green Turtle Club, Abaco 1993. 2 Abaco trips aboard vessel. MY FIRST TRIP.

Motu Iti II, 34' Catilina Islander powered by twin 250hp Cummins Diesels.
Single center 300 gallon tank with safe range 260 Nm. A most practical and livable boat for its size.
Shown here in Hope Town Harbour, Abaco. 2 Abaco trips aboard vessel. ONE of those TRIPS.

Motu Iti III, 26' Glacier Bay Island Runner Cat powered by twin 130hp Honda 4/stroke OB.
Tankage 180 gal. safe range 200 Nm. My "most fun boat".
Shown here at, Dock of the Bay Marina, Longboat Key, Fl. 2 Abaco trips aboard vessel.
1 of which was Solo Round Trip. THE STORY(s).
Guide to the Abaco's - It's all you need to know and more.
On how the name Motu Iti came about. You'll want to go
The Motu Iti
"The Motu Iti" A Tropical Martini Cocktail.
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