Came across this useful iPhone tip on a travel related bulletin board.

Q I have been an iPhone user since they came out but have to admit the I phone 6 has me stumped on a few things. If one is in airplane mode it seems to turn off cellar mode as well?? so how doe one use phone or get text? Also how can I access Voice messages remotely to check them ? I am in Abaco for several weeks and never found the I phone to have so many oddities.. I am sure it is just cockpit error. Any geeks out there to help? Thanks in advance.....

A Airplane mode turns off Cell, WiFi and Bluetooth. You can individually turn WiFi and Bluetooth back on under settings. With all 3 off, you can't get cell calls, Texts or email. Nada. Nothing.

IF you turn Wifi back on AND connect to a WiFi Signal, then most things (eg email) will work except for your cell phone and *classic* Texts.

Texts orginally used the Cell signal for send and receive, so with Cell OFF (airplane mode) you won't get them. The exception to this is a text between iPhones (or iPads/pods). A couple years ago, Apple enabled the iphone to send text TO ANOTHER iPhone via Wifi. This can save money and allows you to text (again TO ANOTHER iPHONE/iPad) whenever you're on WiFI.

iPhone-to-iPhone Texts are Blue. Standard (or "classic" as I called them earlier) are green.

When we have visitors, we recommend they Enable Airplane Mode and then override and turn the WiFI back on (and connect to our house WiFi). This allows them to receive email, and Texts between iPhones, but avoids running up huge AT&T bills.