If you are one of those folks who must bring your lap top with you to the Abacos, here is an excuse you can use.

After the water, what do we love most about the Abacos? The nights, and more specifically the stars.

Back in '07, I came across software that I've been using it ever since. It's apply named "Starry Nights". Although it can be used world wide, there is no better place than Abaco for its Starry Nights.

I realize since then there has been numerous other astronomy apps that have come along even for your iPhone or iPad and some of the lap top versions are free. Whatever you come up with, you'll find no better place to take advantage of the starry nights than Abaco.

The features of these applications
may vary but many will know where
you are, and time and date. (The most
you'd have to do is put in your
location or latitude and Longitude
25.50.00n by 77.00.00w in Abaco).

You will see on your lap top what
you see in the sky and all in the
same relative brightness, size
and location! Just click on a star,
and you'll get its name, distance
and all sorts of stats. Have a blast.

One fun feature of "Starry Nights"; You'll see a lot of satellites in the Abacos. Just advance your time a few minutes till you see a satellite go by. Note the time it passes. Reset to current time and lay back in your favorite hammock and wait for it to show up.

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