Excitement on our little island

Several weeks back our little Abaco community of Man-O-War Cay was buzzing! I had just got off the ferry when I was told that if I wanted to see Kenny Chesney in concert , be at the Dock n Dine restaurant at 6:30 as he would be there playing his guitar and singing on the open air deck. I was actually feeling under the weather that day , but just couldn’t pass up this special opportunity. Apparently Kenny was visiting Abaco and shooting scenes for an upcoming video. The local ladies cooked lunch for the Chesney crew , which included crawfish and macaroni and cheese, and escorted them around in style….by golf cart! :)

They shot a few gorgeous Abaco scenes I’m sure, as they took advantage of a post card pretty area on our island known as ‘the low place . ’ I am sure the cool turquoise water and powder white sand will sparkle beautifully in his video.

Kenny and his crew showed such down to earth qualities as they sat around the deck of the restaurant so casually and talked with the locals and sang to us and even let a few local s participate. If I wasn’t feeling under the weather I just might have sang a few notes myself…not! They were all great with the kids and I’m sure this big excitement will last a long time in the hearts of the Abaco children. I’m hearing that Kenny’s new video will soon be airing on the GAC channel. I think folks are keeping an eye on the GAC website for airing times.

Perhaps if Kenny shows up to visit Man-O-War again he'll bring Uncle Kracker along! I personally enjoy the song they perform together called- Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down. And this was certainly true that special Monday evening in Man-O-War :)

Well what can I say ? I got up that morning , went to work selling Abaco real estate on our beautiful sun filled island , came home that evening and enjoyed a casual Kenny Chesney concert as the sun went down. Man, things are tough! Lol

~Mailin Sands