Welcome to Abaco Videos, the Supplementary Video Page of  AbacoEscape.com.  The Best Abaco / Bahamas Videos on one Page. Most videos are informative, artistic or just plain fun to watch and often accompanied with Bahamian music - some original compositions. Most were shot in the Bahamas, many in Abaco. The collection has been gathered from the far corners of the internet and assembled by Sandy Estabrook. The majority have been shot professionally. Still others are vacationers personal best. You'll find Bahamian music videos, and US Country videos shot in Abaco. There's even a sitcom. Also included are some great Documentaries from above and below the water such as Lion fish, Conch, Bonefishing. Documentaries on Regatta, music culture, lighthouses and Island life abound. The best of the Amateur Island Video Competitions are also included. And we can't forget Bahamian fun food, Conch Salad and the Goombay Smash. Lastly, having been to French Polynesia, I've also included a couple videos at the end of the page. All are Star rated for image & subject quality. This page is updated regularly (last 6/19/19).

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Lenny Kravitz calls the Bahamas home and a Magical World. ★★★★ (1:43)

We Fell In Love With Abaco. ★★★ (1:38)

The Bahamas Water & Air. It could be Abaco or anywhere.★★★★ (5:51)

Florida to Abaco by Jet Ski. A great adventure. ★★★★★ (11:17 and worth it)

The soul and spirit of Green Turtle Cay is captured here. It says it all.★★★★★ (4:38)

Welcome to the Abaco Cays. A great promo and overview. ★★★★★ (3:16)

What to do on Man-O-War Cay. ★★★★★ (3:17)

North Green Turtle and Man Jack Cay- Drone Aerial. ★★★★ (2:45)

The 2nd & best drone video of Hope Town & Elbow Cay. (2016) ★★★★★ (2:50)

Bahamian Weather, Ecosystem & Wildlife by TV star Gary the Explorer. ★★★★★ (3 parts)

Kick off to Regatta Time 2015 - Green Turtle Cay. ★★★★ (2:30)

The Real Bahamas - Abaco. The first HD Video overview. ★★★★ (6:23)

Abaco, a Great Place to Live - Promo ★★★★ (5:25)

Narrative - Cultural Documentaty of the Bahamian People ★★★★★ (3:06)

Hope Town & Elbow Cay Aerial Fly-by with Great Orig Song ★★★★★ (1:42)

Sandy's original Green Turtle Cay slideshow with Special Music. ★★★★ (4:38)

Great Guana Cay Highlights, By Unni Marie Berg ★★★★ (7:26)

Top of Bahamas Drone shots. Walkers, Grand & Spanish Cays ★★★★

Tahiti Beach Early Drone Video with Great musical accompanyment. ★★★★★ (2:36)

Bahamas Super Bowl Promo 2013 ★★★★ (1:00)

The Road to, and Beach at Sandy Point ★★★ (2:47)

Mainland Ferry Dock to Green Turtle Cay ★★★ (1:21)

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Great Amateur Video Editing on "An Abaco Vacation by Boat". ★★★★★ (6:30)

Hope Town Impressions by RumShopRyan ★★★★ (3:44)

Anniversary Video - Abaco in Abstract - Short, creative and to the Point ★★★★ (1:33)

Great Amateur Video -Island Hopping from Treasure Cay". ★★★★★ (3:55)

And Your Little Dog Too -A day in the life of Green Turtle's Wrigley ★★★★★ (1:24)

Sailing the Sea of Abaco in Timelapse. A work of Art ★★★★★ (4:24)

Abaco Trip Video - Best Edit for a Slide Show by Jon Dilling & Friends ★★★ (5:15)

Abaco Visitor Steve Marinak sings his own song w/Slideshow ★★★ (2:03)

Typical Afternoon at Nippers, Guana Cay ★★★ (1:30)

Stranded Naked Party. Official kick off of Abaco Regata Season at Fiddle Cay ★★★(4:31)

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The Goombay Smash, Its origions on Green Turtle Cay ★★★(1:04)

Found on Abaco Beaches and Worth its weight in Gold. What is it>?★★★★ (6:22)

Five things to know about Lionfish ★★★★★ (4:19)

Crystal Caves & Blue Holes of Abaco - Documentary ★★★★★ (16:00)

Lighthouses of the Bahamas - Big Three and their keepers ★★★★★ (2:37)

Beautiful Great Abaco - Three Natural Resource Parks ★★★★★ (5 to 7 min ea)

Conch Cleaning Race. Again with Hope Town's, Gary the Explorer ★★★★ (6.22)

Raping the Fragile Environment with Related Musical Video by K.B. ★★★★★(6:49)

The Rescue of the Potcakes, Abaco's indigenous docile dogs ★★★★ (3:09)

Barefoot Man's Documentry from Nippers ★★★★★(9:30)

Where the Sea Meets the Sky - The MARLS, Great Abaco in 2 parts ★★★★ ( 2 x 1 min)

Crooked Island film challange entry "Grandpa's Quest" has a moral to the story. ★★★ (5:39)

The Queen Conch in Peril. It's dramatic depletion in Abaco. ★★★★★ (15:27)

Ancient Gospel Music of The Bahamas - A Docu-Musical, Peter Lay It Down in six parts ★★★★

Lionfish Nuisance First Report / CBS News / ★★ (2:33)

Abaco Rage on Boxing Day ★★★★ (2:34)

Out Island Regatta with Musical Tribute to ROLLY GRAY ★★★ (4:49)

Abaco Film Challange Entry - "Lets Go Go to Abaco" ★★★ (5:28)

Classic Rake-n-Scrape sampling from Cat Island as it used to be ★★ (1:12)

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Fun Video Remake of Who Let the Dogs Out ★★★★ (3:37)

Bahamian Music Video - We Rakin 'N Scrapin by Stileet ★★★★ (4:18)

Country Music Video by Scarletta, shot in Abaco ★★★★ (3:11)

I Am A Bahamian by Papa Smurf - Patriotic Hip Hop ★★★★ (4:02)

A great rendition of March on Bahamaland - Nat'l Anthem ★★★★★ (3:28)

Bahamian music info including song List & Player. Check it out. ★★★★★

JOBLESS" by "The Puzzle Man"
A Music Video ★★★ (4:08)

Country Music Video by Billy Currington, shot in Abaco ★★★★ (3:51)

J U N K A N O O ! Music Video -Great Song by Funky D. ★★★ (6:04)

Brilanders - One of the greatest Rake-n-Scrape songs & videos. Too bad not digital.★★ (3:40)

TalentHouse.com contest entry by Lavado cover Jimmy Cliff (RAGGAE) ★★★★ (3:57)

Music Video: We Jammin' by Geno D ★★★★ (3:49)

No. 1 Dance Hit in the Bahamas. Great Song, Video poor ★ (3:55)

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The Art of Conch Salad Preparation by Conch Vendor "Tall Boy" ★★★★ (4:26)

SCRUBS clips-TV Sitcom Filmed in Hope Town - DR. KELSO & locals ★★★ (4:44)

Abaco Inspired- Fun Bob Song ★★ (3:07)

French Caribbean, La Compagnie Créole - It's Good for your Morale ★★★★ (3:31)

International Dance Party Favorite - Hands Up by Ottawan ★★★★ (2:54)

An animation. Beach Dancing Christmas , Bahamian or Caribbean. ★★★★ (6:10)

The place you must visit one in a lifetime.
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Bora Bora in two Parts. Intro by Rudy Maxa.
From MotuIti.com ★★★★★ (0:50 - 7:09)

Motu Iti, a Secret Place Far Away. It's along story. See MotuIti.com ★★★ (2:50)