Location: Oak Hills, Ca

First Trip Report Day 1 - Fri 03/18/05

The start of a long flight/trip. Arrived at LAX at 9:00 p.m. after leaving our house at 7:00 p.m.The plane is leaving on time and we depart on our journey at 10:30 p.m. pst. Arrived on time at Ft. Lauderdale at 6:00 a.m. 3/19/05 and retrieve our luggage. I had decided to get my own luggage and make the transfer to Florida Coastal Airlines, myself after hearing about lost luggage during these transfers. Everything went real smooth with Florida Coastal and we landed at Marsh Harbor in time to get the 10:30 ferry to Guana Cay.

Upon arrival at Guana , Mendy was there to greet us and welcome us to Guana Cay. He took us up to get a golf cart at Donna's and then take us to the house/cottage we had rented. We followed and wondered just where the heck we were going when we turned down the small,winding, dirt paths after the asphalt ended. Then there appeared several houses on the right side, with Guana Seaside Resort just to the left. We are staying at "Sandcastle" which is Charlie Hale's house and it is very comfortable and cozy and we settled in quickly.

We walked over to Guana Seaside Resort and promptly met Gerry. We were a little hungry so Gerry introduced us to her food fare, a fish & cheese burger. We met Glenn who was behind the bar and we started our introdution with a Jolly Bob, which really hit the spot, after our travels. The view from the bar at the Sea of Abaco and the instant repoire with Gerry and Glenn lets you know right away that you are not going to want to leave this bit of paradise.

Before getting to relaxed we went back to the Ferry Dock to pick up our friend Walt , who was arriving on the 4:00 Ferry. We then made our way to the grocery store to pick up provisions for a few days. There was a limited stock on hand but more than enough to provide the essentials. Next on the agenda is a stop at the Liquor store for a case of Kalik, and then on our way back to the house. On the way back, Walt thought for sure I was lost when I turned the cart onto the winding dirt road to the "off the beaten path" way to our home for a week.

That evening we went back to the Seaside for the famous ribs and really enjoyed the food and party and a great bunch of people around the bar. And you know that you have to have a (some) Kalik with ribs, right!

Around 9:30 we realized it has been a long time since we started our trip. over 24 hours, so it is a short walk up to the house and off to bed we go.

Pictures attached:
Guana Cay Dock
Lonnie and Walt, provisions
Sunrise, even though it is on our second day, just like the pic.

Trip Report day 2

Woke up late, but a needed good rest after our long travel day.

We got our breakfast together, and decided to talk a walk down the seaside beach, heading North from Guana Seaside Resort. We are just in awe at the beauty of the beach and the clarity of the water. We walked all the way past the first point and it just opened up into this gorgeous shallow cove/bay. The whole cove, which we learned later is called Bonefish Cove, was only about 2 to 3 feet at the deepest point, and we were able to all the way across. In the process we found several large starfish, some sea bisquit shells, a conch, and all the while Lonnie was picking up the standard type shells.

After turning around and trekking back to Guana Seaside Resort, we had worked up a good appetite and a bit of a thirst. We naturally got a Kalik(s), visited with Glenn for a bit and then headed to nippers for the Sunday Pig Roast.

There was a very large crowd and things were in full gear and it didn't take long to get into the flow of the party. We got our plates full of Pig, mac and cheese, beans, rice, potatoe salad, found a place to plop down and get started on that grub. But before we could get started, had to head to the bar to get a frozen Nipper. Boy those really sneak up on you. A couple Nippers and a few Kalik's lets you know why everyone is always so happy at Nippers.

After filling our bellies, we went for a walk on what has to be the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas, and ended up walking down to what I think is High Rocks. There was some developing going on just past this point and we came across an umbrella and 2 chairs on the beach, so we did our version of the Corona beer commercial, before we were approached and asked to leave the property by a very friendly Bahamian worker. He explained that he had put those chairs and umbrella away once that day already. Apparently someone else had wanted to sit on that beach in solitude also and as we are quickly finding out, it is not hard to find a Nekkid beach here.

We are just amazed at the beauty and tranquility of Guana Cay and really enjoy the friendliness of the people and are really getting hooked on the area.

Attached pictures.
Nippers Pig Roast
Corona Beer commercial

Trip Report Day 3

Our adventure for the day is to go to bakers Bay. Having waited to long to get a boat rental, the quandry is solved by deciding to take a stroll. Well it started out as a stroll.

Starting out on the ocean side across from Guana Seaside and heading north. Along the way there are about 3 areas where you have to walk over coral outcroppings which makes the trip a little more interesting. The normal 45 minutes to 1 hour walk (as we were told) turned out to be close to 2 hours because we had to examine and pick up seashells & seaglass and take pictures along the way.

Finding the path to cut across to Bakers Bay was pretty easy and after making that very short walk and emerging out of the thick growth onto Bakers Bay, we were just amazed at the beauty of the beach and of the color of the water. walking along the beach we came across several large starfish as we walked up to the abandoned Disney docks.

There wasn't much left to see at the Disney complex, and there was a salvage crew there as we were walking around. They had several large stacks of lumber on the beach and one of the guys said they had a barge coming to take it away. The place just really looked devastated.

We went back out on the beach and walked around and I just can't say enough avout how beautiful the colors of the water are against those white sand beaches. We found a nice spot back under the trees and had our lunch that we had packed so we could get ready to head back. sitting there eating lunch and looking out on that beach was just realizing that spot of paradise that everyone is always looking for is right here.

Our trip back was a lot quicker because , not only getting a bit worn down, we had already examined all those shells . The most entertaining part of our journey came when my wife (Lonnie) started tumbling in the surf after a dip to cool off. She had gotten knocked over by a wave and every time she tried to get up, she just got knocked down again. My only regret, at her expense, after laughing so much is that we didn't have a video camera.

When we got back and after a little bit of a rest we had dinner at Guana Seaside Resort, which was Grouper breaded in almonds and coconut, which put a very nice closing to another day in Paradise.

Photos attached
Lonnie looking for shells
Lonnie on Bakers Bay
Bakers Bay

Trip Report Day 4

After waiting too long to decide we wanted to rent a boat, and finding nothing available, we, thru the help of Nancy, lined up a day trip to Hopetown on the Prozac Boat captained by Ossie Hall. Nancy is a board member who had noticed in one of my posts about not being able to get a boat. She was going to be at Guana the same time frame as we were so she kind of got things going with the charter. Main point of me telling you this, is that I have found everyone on this board to be very helpful and giving good advice to us first timers, to make sure we have a good time on our first visit to The Abacos. The charter ended up being ten of us and we left the dock at Dive Guana around 10:30.

One of the conditions of Ossie's was a stop at MOW, (alterior motive:Bread). What a great move Ossie. When we made the stop, we got out and headed down the street to Miss Lola's. The aroma wafted out onto the street so we knew we were in the right place. Naturally this was one of the highlights of the day when we got to Miss Lola's house and were welcomed into her kitchen. Needless to say we got a couple pkg's of her cinnamon buns and a loaf of bread to take back. And of course, we had to sample a cinnamon bun right there in her kitchen. Nice and warm right out of the oven. (BA; talk about "Piggies") just couldn't help it.

Back to the boat and on to Hopetown. The first stop is at the Lighthouse where we climbed to the top for that fantastic view. Ossie was waiting for us when we went down and he took us across the harbor to Cap'n Jacks. Cap'n Jacks was pretty crowded so we used their VHF to call the Abaco Inn to pick us up.

What a great view from the Abaco Inn. Alot of the trees had been lost in the hurricanes, which enhanced the view, in my mind. I'm sure that a lot of the foliage will come back as you could see a lot of small growth just about everywhere we went. The Inn actually had some pieces of the Shuttle, that had been washed up on shore from the hurricanes, sitting on the deck outside of the restaurant. We had a great lunch and a few of their Rum drinks. Can't even remember the name for them, but all those drinks that everyone concocts really creep up on you. Some of them may even be lethal if you consumed to many.

After lunch we went back to town to walk around and get some t-shirts and postcards at Iggy Biggy, which had a very good assortment of goodies.

On our next trip, we definitely need to spend some more time on Elbow Cay. Hopetown was so quaint and colorful, I would like to spend more time there and do some exploring.

We headed back to Guana and were back about 4:00 after a very full day trip. We went back to our cottage and fixed some dinner, which was just a light meal, after having such a big lunch at The Abaco Inn, and then walked over the Guana Seaside for a nightcap of, you got it, a couple of Jolly Bob's.

A good close to another Great Day in Paradise!!!!

Attached pictures:
Miss Lola
view from lighthouse

Trip Report Day 5

Woke up early this morning to catch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. Can't make it without that starter cup. A Very nice sunrise and we should have a very good day.

Got fortified with a couple of Miss Lola's cinnamon buns, yes we managed to save some, and we decided to spend a lazy day doing some shell searching on the Atlantic side. Love these lazy days.

We ended up with a very good collection, and we also were searching for sea glass and really accumulated a lot of that also. the neighbor across from us has a house named "Sea Glass" so she will probably have a bunch of seaglass on her porch when she comes back. We certainly can't take it all with us.

The Sea of Abaco has been pretty rough today, with the wind blowing, so we just spent the whole morning on the ocean side. The location of our cottage is just great, a hundred yards either way to the ocean or the sea.

In the afternoon we decided we needed to quinch our thirst so we headed into Nippers to enjoy the very pituresque beach view and those great nipper drinks. Even just sipping those nippers, they really sneakk up on you. After a couple drinks and a Kalik, and the sun getting ready to go down, we thought we better head for the "Sandcastle".

We are really enjoying our first trip to the Abaco's and our stay on Guana Cay. One week is just not enough time. The best part of our stay here on Guana is the laid back, no hustle/bustle attitude, and the absolute friendliness of everyone we come in contact with.

Pictures attached:
Beach scene
Sipping Nippers

Trip Report Day 6

The #1 thing to do this morning is to go into the grocery store for some bread. We learned a couple days ago, with milk, that when they tell you at the grocery store that they are expecting a shipment of a certain item, you shouldn't wait till the afternoon because it may just be gone already.

Got our bread, went back and decided that today was just about locating one of the fabulous beaches on Guana and just laying around. No problem, we stayed on the ocean side because the wind was blowing out of the South and the Sea of Abaco was a bit rough. We went a little North of Dolphin Beach Resort and found our own stretch of "Nekid" beach. We just kicked back, soaked in the sunsine , drank some Kalik's that we had put in the cooler, took a few dips to cool off, and just enjoyed the solitude. What a way to live life!!!

Tonight it is out to pizza night at the Blue Water Grill. A very good meal and if you get a chance definitely worth the effort. Ordered a couple pieces of pie, coconut and key lime, to take home and enjoy before bed and ending this fabulous day of just laying on the beach, and doing some more laying around. Can't seem to get enough of this laying around bit.

What better way to apend our time in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been.

Attached pictures:
Guana Cay Harbor
Greg and Lonnie on Beach
A walk down the beach

Trip report Day 7

Awake early and took a fantastic sunrise picture. Today is our last full day and we have been really fortunate with good weather even though the forcast has called for thunderstorms a couple of days. We had some thunder and lightning last night and the wind got to going pretty good. All in all, not a lot of rain, just enough for some puddles.

This is going to be a lazy laid back day, which is one reason we chose to come to Guana Cay in the first place. The intriquing idea behind this trip was to find someplace to just relax and leave the hustle and bustle behind. To say we have found that place is an understatement to say the least. The problem is that one week is just not enough.

We are now sorting thru our treasure trove of seashells, sea glass, sea bisquits, conchs, and various pieces of coral. The main objective is to see what we can take home and more importantly, with the fragile items, will they make that long trip home in one piece?

Now that we have sorted thru and decided what to keep, we are actually going to take quite a bit of shells, etc., back to the ocean and throw them back in so some other lucky person can possibly rejoice in their find. What do you think the odds are on that one?

A last trip to Nippers to make sure we have purchased enough T-shirts, and to sit at the rail and have a Nipper juice(s) to enhance the view. What a way to pass the time on a beautiful afternoon.

Now to head home for some dinner, which is going to be cleaning out the Fridge and getting whatever!

Time for a trip down to see Glen at Guana Seaside for a final evening of friends at the bar and of course having a Jolly Bob, or two, and just talking with Bob and Gerry. Such gracious hosts, we know that we have made some new friends on our short stay here.

Tomorrow, it is packing in the morning and on our way back. We have enjoyed this trip immensly and now look forward to the next time, when we will, hopefully, be able to make it a longer stay.

Pictures attached:
Nippers beach
Guana Seaside