Murrells Inlet, SC


This is the trip report of our trip to Guana Cay – January 22nd – January 29th. It was my 3rd trip to Abaco (my husband’s been 8-9 times), but our first time staying on Guana…

Everybody fix a fruity drink, here we go!

January 22nd – Fort Lauderdale – Guana

We flew Calypso Air from Fort Lauderdale (apparently they have quit flying from West Palm). Everything was right on time – the only hitch was our cooler – it was too big. It was the same qt size we’ve taken before, but it was the “igloo” shape. Oh well, worth a try! The snorkel gear just traveled loose in it’s mesh bag, and the 2 frozen casseroles & plastic ice blocks got transferred to a plastic garbage bag for the trip. I’m glad that’s all we had in there. NOTE: I would still take a cooler (normal shape) again next time. The house had a cooler we used in the boat, but we mostly use the cooler to bring shells, rum, Kalik back home. I was also glad I lugged those casseroles down – they came in handy, see Wednesday’s report! Anyway, I digress…Flight, customs, landing – all went smooth and on time!

We arrived too late to catch the 10:30 ferry to Guana, but we happened to meet a gentleman on the flight that offered us a ride! (he & his friends had their own boat in Marsh Harbour, and were going to Orchid Bay) What a nice alternative to the ferry!

The first glimpse of the Sea of Abaco always gives me chills! The instant relaxation, anticipation of the good times that you know lay ahead, being back in the midst of these wonderful people - just the thrill of being in this beautiful place! Today, the Sea was flat calm – slick! You couldn’t tell where the sky ended and the water began. Just a wash of the most incredible shades of blue, framed by clouds and starfish as we went cruising by!

Once we reached Orchid Bay, our new “ferry captains” offer to take us to meet Chorene, the caretaker for L’l Gecko. Thanks Rick, Bob, & Jack! You’ve gotten our trip off to a great start!

Chorene gathers us up and takes us to L’il Gecko. I just cannot say enough good things…Jim & Kathy Alderman are such gracious hosts! They even called the day before we left, just to make sure we didn’t have any questions or needed anything! Chorene is just fabulous! She checked in on us during the week to make sure we were OK. But the house! I love it! If I am ever able to have a house in the Abacos, I will ask them if I can copy theirs! 2BR, 2BA, (and so cutely appointed!) wrap around porch – but the crow’s nest & the garden are the best! The panoramic view from the crow’s nest includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Abaco. Perfect for sunrise or sunset - & I have pictures of both! The garden is full of flowers, vegetables, herbs, as well as the butterflies & birds that visit them! It’s a wonderful retreat to take breakfast when the wind is blowing (like it did!) Did I mention the fresh flowers, cold Kaliks in the fridge and tshirts?

We got a golf cart from Donna’s – and after unpacking, we started exploring our new island “home”. Milo probably thinks we’re nuts! We must have ridden by his (new fancy) stand 10 times that afternoon! After purchasing provisions from Guana Grocery & Fig Tree Liquors (both nicely stocked, and prices as expected – Kalik ~ $50/case, Bacardi $12), it’s time for lunch at Nippers! Kaliks, Grouper Burgers, and a view of the Atlantic that cannot be beat!

More exploring – we used the Dolphin Beach Resort beach access and walked the beach to Nippers. There’s a big (mooring?) ball washed on the beach – from hurricanes?? I didn’t remember seeing it before, but I’ve always been coming FROM Nippers, and sometimes the view gets a little hazy…

We walked to Nippers for a Nipperjuice. I am embarrassed to say we acted like amateurs! We know full well the power of the Nipperjuice, but they’re just SO GOOD! It was soon time to go home – but maybe just one more for the walk down the beach! You all know you’ve been tricked by the Nipperjuice at least once before! We walk back down the beach (wasn’t there a big metal ball around here somewhere? This is how I know that that thing could have been there for 10 years without me knowing about it!) Back home to one of the frozen casseroles and early to bed. We’ve got a set appointment at 8:15 in the morning! (I love knowing that the only thing that I HAVE to do for the next week is be awake for the Cruisers Net each morning – that, and be there for the 8:00 ferry next Saturday L) I can’t wait to hear Patti and the others tell us what’s in store for us this week!

The pictures that are attached:
A portion view from the crow's nest - toward the ocean (that's Dolphin Beach Resort that's so coloful)
More of our view - toward the Sea of Abaco
Me and that big ball on the beach!


January 23rd – Guana Cay

Today is the Nippers FAMOUS Pig Roast! It’s so nice to be on Guana, and not have to spend the day getting there, or worrying about leaving in time!

We wake to the wind HOWLING & torrents of rain! It managed to clear up by the time the Cruiser’s Net got started, but the wind was still blowing! Quick breakfast (inside, today, thank you!) showers, and we are off – we’ve got time to explore before lunch!

We ride out to Guana Seaside – when the sign says “off the beaten path”, it’s an understatement! I can only IMAGINE how it was before the roads were paved!

We’ve already eaten, it’s a little early for a drink, but we’ll be back later! On our ride back, we went down every little paved side road – they were all dead ends, but we were exploring!

We got to Nippers around 12-ish. The crowd was pretty slim – I think the weather kept a lot of folks from other islands away. The only other two times I’ve been there was over Easter and over Christmas when it is packed! While that was fun, this was nice, too. Ray & I were first in line for the buffet – I know that will never happen again! It was WONDERFUL! Pig, Mac&Cheese, Peas & Rice, Potato Salad, Corn Pudding, Slaw (to us South Carolinians, the slaw reminded me of Artichoke Relish – which I love! Now I know to try my recipe w/ cabbage instead of expensive artichokes!) Sorry Dr. Atkins Diet – we didn’t invite you on this trip!

After lunch, we went for a walk on the beach – but this nasty looking front was moving in quick! We got pretty sandblasted on our way back. What else could we do, but move into the main bar and have another Kalik? The Sunday crowd, though small, was treated to some fantastic singing by an acapella group from Princeton. They are on a tour of the Abacos (poor kids!) singing and selling CDs. All proceeds are going to local charities – on Guana, it was the Save the Reef Foundation. I think they may have sold out on this one stop! After our concert, we went home to put on more clothes – it got cold quick!

Somehow a nap got worked into our hectic schedule (don’t you just love it!), but after we were rested, we were off again! We went back to Guana Seaside to have that drink we promised ourselves. When we got there, the bar was empty! They were all hustling around getting ready for Miss Gerri’s return and the “yogas” that were coming next week. We enjoyed a Kalik (& the view was beautiful!), but all that working was making me nervous , so we promised to come again one day for lunch and a Jolly Bob.

We rode back to town & to Sunset Bar – which was closed, but the new manager had pulled in right in front of us. She said they were doing some “cleaning & sprucing”, but to be sure to come to Potluck Dinner on Wednesday.

We rode to Blue Water Grill to warm up a little & try to catch some of the football game (they had their Eagles flag proudly flying). Well, there was only one other couple there, no game (fine by me), but there was Renee! Have you ever met someone, and known the next time you visit, you will be considered “friend” – that’s what meeting Renee is like.

One Red Sky Punch, and I’m warmer already! We enjoyed very good conversation, an appetizer sampler (yummy! big enough for a meal) and 1 more Punch as the dinner crowd trickled in. We will come for dinner one night this week. I know that Thursday is Pizza Night, but Friday is Down Home Night – that sounds right up our alley!

Two punches were my limit – I learned my lesson yesterday, remember!

The ride home was illuminated by the biggest, brightest moon – and it wouldn’t even be full for two more days! I tried very hard to take pictures, but it seems the rum made my camera lens fuzzy! (I do so hate it when that happens!) It has been a very good Guana Day! I’m so excited that we still have a whole week ahead of us!

"Off the Beaten Path"
Ray & BA at Blue Water Grill


January 24th – Man O’War, Bakers Bay, Spoil Bank Cay

Today we are going to rent a boat – no sissies here! It’s supposed to be windy, but better than yesterday – the trip to Man O’War should keep us on the lee side of the wind, except the break at Scotland Cay. We rented our boat from Troy (& Norad) at Dive Guana – SUPER NICE!!! (I would say that even if we hadn’t been late getting back!) The boat was very nice & clean – VHF, GPS, fresh water wash, and they provided us with cooler ice (if you’ve ever bought enough ice to fill a cooler, you know what a nice service this is!) We load up all kinds of layers of clothing and beach towels and head to MOW. The trip over is not too bad, a little windy & choppy, but we are going with the wind. The ride home will be sloppier, but it should lay down during the day. Besides, we are boat/water freaks – you should see us layer up to ride out to the beach here in the winter if it’s pretty!

We’ve never really spent much time walking around MOW before – mostly a straight line from the marina to the sail shop, so this will be new to us! We tie up at Albury’s Harbour Store (we’ll stop in on our way out). Unfortunately, Hibiscus Café is closed (I think they reopened the next day?) and Joe’s Studio is closed – this is a real bummer, that is one of my favorite shops! We start walking around, and stumble upon a sign for Lola’s Bakery. We follow the little path down to her home, and she flings the back door open, welcoming us in from the cold into a nice warm kitchen! She had just finished baking, and the house was still warm and smelled sooo good! After a short visit, we bought a loaf of bread, cinnamon buns, and a container of frozen conch fritter batter. (Now those of you that already knew about this treasure, don’t laugh at us! I am ashamed to say that I had never visited Miss Lola before, but I will never visit Abaco again without making this stop a requirement!) From there, we walk by the little cemetery to the beach, and then back around town. We order cheeseburgers and French fries from the little snack bar (kind of behind the marina). That was one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had (it looked to be served on one of Miss Lola’s sandwich buns) & definitely one of the cheapest meals going in Abaco - $15.00 total, including 2 cokes! Miss Lola passed us on her golf cart and asked us if we had already eaten the cinnamon buns. I’m thinking maybe we ought to have bought two…

After lunch, off to the sail loft. I am on a mission to have a matching set of luggage, and I’m almost there! I quickly locate the missing piece, and we are on our way. We stop by the grocery store whose dock we’ve tied to (Albury’s Harbour Store) to pick up a supply or two. I was very pleasantly surprised! They were very well stocked – produce, too! We grabbed our things, then it was time to bundle back up for our snotty ride back home.

We rode on up to Bakers Bay. We tied up to the old dock – someone has definitely done some repairs around here. Two years ago, we decided it was safer to anchor out and swim/dinghy in, but all the damaged boards have been replaced. We walked through the old ruins – again, someone has been through with a chainsaw and cut the paths clear. For some reason, that place gives me the creeps – like a haunted house that you know you shouldn’t go in, but you do anyway. All that stuff just left there makes you think the whole town was wiped out by some disease or aliens – or maybe I read too much Stephen King! (hey, based on that theory alone I wouldn’t want to develop it, there might still be some “bugars” out there in the woods somewhere! ) No hurricane is fun, but I bet that it’s down right scary there – the wind blowing through all those old buildings, blowing old paddle boats and jet skis around! Creepy!

We came out where the hammocks were and walked toward the north end of the island. We found a spot that had a bunch of cleaned conch shells up at the edge of the trees. I wish it was warmer – we would look for some ourselves!

We got back to the boat, then cruised over to Spoil Bank Cay (am I correct that this island was formed from the spoils of the dredge for Treasure Island?) There are so many shells! You could sit in one spot and find hundreds of small shells! We walked one way to a dead end, then back around the other side. We found a bit of “flotsam” to donate to the garden at L’il Gecko, and a pocket full of shells. The sun is going down, time to go home!

Orchid Bay Marina had just closed, so we couldn’t get gas for the boat. We go back to Dive Guana & promise to get the boat tomorrow. It’s time to go find out just how good this bread is – it will be perfect with leftover shrimp casserole. ASDIP(even if a little windy)!!!

Sunset, January 24th
Looking back at Guana Settlement
This is a sample of what the beach at Spoil Bank Cay looks like!


This morning breakfast was coffee & Miss Lola’s Cinnamon Buns. OMG! If you can imagine biting into pure heavenly goodness, but it’s even better than that, because it’s covered in this sweet sugary perfection called icing. I do not exaggerate! Our plan was to have one each this morning, and save the two for tomorrow. I swear to you, we could not leave the house knowing that there was still some left. We had to finish them right then! If we had bought 2 like I wondered about, we would have eaten them, too. Piggies!

Today, we are going to Hope Town. The ride is better than yesterday, but I’m a wimp, so I’m still wrapped up in about 3 beach towels & look like a little Russian lady out on the Tundra. Only my sunglass covered eyes are sticking out! We pulled into Lighthouse Marina and filled up w/ gas ($120 GULP! We got oil, too, so gas must have been around $3.75 - $4/gallon), then pulled around to make the trek up to the Lighthouse. From this view point, you can see how things have cleared out since the hurricanes. The foliage has been greatly reduced, and what was left has been cut back – but new growth is already evident.

Speaking of hurricane damage. The biggest thing I noticed was everything looked “opened up” – the foliage is less dense. This can be a good thing. The new growth coming out is healthy and fresh. But you can see houses you never knew were there before. For example – from Nippers, now you can clearly see the houses that are to the back. Before, they were more camouflaged. (or maybe I should say from those houses, Nippers was more camouflaged, and now it is more visible – depends on whose deck you’re standing! J) The second thing you notice is how fresh and vibrant all the colors are – most of the houses received (at the least) fresh paint jobs thanks to Frances & Jeanne. Hope Town looks like a basket of freshly dyed Easter eggs! Add to that the fresh green sprouts & colorful blooms & buds on all the plants, and it truly is beautiful. The sounds of hammers & saws are still ringing through the air (I noticed this especially in Green Turtle), but that’s music to the ears! That’s the sound of a strong community of people rebuilding their homes, businesses, and lives! I believe that by Easter – if you’ve been before, you may notice a few things missing or changed, but most will be back to normal. If you’ve never been before, you may catch yourself thinking, “Hey, didn’t I hear something about some hurricanes…” NOTE: These are just my observations as of Jan ’05, and admittedly confined to the “tourist activity” parts of the islands. I certainly don’t mean to make light of the devastation that did occur.

Anyway – on to the rest of our day in Hope Town!

We pulled up to the Upper Dock to tied up while we walked around town a bit. We tried to check on the houses we’ve stayed in before, to see how they fared the storms. We walked down Lovers Lane to see “Valentines” – it had a new paint job and a new crow’s nest – it looked real nice! “More or Less” looked good, too. We didn’t get by Harrison House – it’s Gary’s fault, I’ll explain in a bit. We did go check out the new Community Swimming Pool – very nice indeed! Anyone who bought a raffle ticket from Mr. Sherman (and who hasn’t bought at least one!) should be very proud of their contribution!!

I was really shocked by the old cemetery behind the new pool – where the beach access is. I remember the foliage there as being so thick & the path to the beach access being completely surrounded & canopied by trees & brush. It is all gone. The only green thing left was the “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” plant around one of the graves & some patches of weeds. I initially thought hurricane damage, but someone said it had been cleared for development??? My memory of the place may be off, but I was surprised by the way it looked.

We went to Jack’s for lunch (fish & conch burgers, Kaliks) – fantastic as always! Of course, I couldn’t pass by Iggy Biggy, and I just had to buy that cute little purse, since I didn’t bring one with me! We made our way to Hope Town Harbour Lodge to visit Gary. This is where our schedule got a little readjusted! Make sure you’ve done everything else you want to do before going to the Lodge. After you get there, that other stuff just doesn’t seem as important any more! We didn’t even make it to Vernon’s! I can’t believe it – we come all this way, and we don’t even go to Vernon’s (and Harrison House is right beside Vernon’s, so we didn’t see how it fared the storms) That is the power of Gary’s personality (and the Baby Cuda)! We had such a good time! There were several locals (about our age) at the bar that welcomed us right into their conversations and fun. Gary gave us all a crash course on “old school rap” – 2 Live Crew, Beastie Boys, Rob Base (you know you love it!) but the best was the tutorial in the “Cabbage Patch” dance. Oh, yeah! I’ve got the picture to prove it. One more Baby Cuda (possibly my favorite rum drink), some T-shirts, and by this time we’ve got to pick up the pace to get home in time!

That night, we went to Nippers for dinner. Ray got the “fish in foil” (sorry, I can’t remember the proper name, but that’s what it was), and I got the cracked conch. Both were VERY good! We even had a salad – what are those green things? Oh yes! Vegetables! Dinner was delicious, and the Nipperjuices were cold! Unfortunately, the wind was cold, too! We certainly enjoyed our conversations with the few locals & visitors that were out that night. These low-key, small crowd nights, are what we enjoy, and just one of the many reasons why we love it here so very much!

PS - When we get home from Hope Town, I decide to make my own drink concoction. We didn’t have the vodka required for the Baby Cuda, so I present to you….

White Rum
Pineapple Rum
Pineapple Juice
Cherry & Umbrella for garnish
(amounts vary to taste)
(you don’t have to have the cherry or an umbrella, but it makes it so fun!)

Welcome to Hope Town
Community Pool
Beach Access by Pool


January 26th – New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay

Today we plan to go to Green Turtle. The last time we were there was Boxing Day, and most stores were closed, so I’m looking forward to this!

We have toast from Miss Lola’s bread, Irish Butter, Guava Jelly, and the Cruisers Net – this is becoming our staple breakfast. I don’t know how I’ll be able to go back to cold cereal and the Today Show!

Chorene calls to check on us – she’s so nice! She’s a little concerned with our ambitious plans, but we assure her we have consulted with Troy. She tells us to have a good time and reminds us of the Potluck Dinner.

The wind is blowing, and the Whale is rough! Troy has told us how to go around the back side – nothing but smooth swells! We rode on up to White Sound and docked at the Bluff House. Their docks are still being repaired – I think the adjuster was there while we were. I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re completely back to normal (or better!) We enjoyed a Tranquil Turtle and Grouper Cakes as a mid morning snack. The grouper cakes were very good – the dipping sauce had a little kick to it (the Tranquil Turtle came in handy here!) There was a lot of repair work being done – you could hear hammers & saws coming from all over! We visited the gift shop, then back to the boat. We rode around to Black Sound and tied up to the public dock at New Plymouth. New Plymouth is such a quaint little town! As with all the other settlements and islands, the people are so friendly – you simply don’t pass someone without a wave and a “Good Morning”. If only it were that way everywhere! We stopped in Sid’s Food Store – I bought an Abaco Cookbook – we’ll see if I can recreate some of these wonderful dishes we’ve been enjoying! (not to brag, but I already make a pretty mean Mac & Cheese!) Then we visited Native Creations (I think that was the name??) – such a nice gift shop! They had some beautiful items! They had a very nice selection of Abaco Ceramics – I quickly found a new piece in the Palm pattern. (I don’t know if the general public knows this, but people from SC are very proud of the State Palmetto Tree “logo” and love anything with a palm tree on it!)

All of this shopping has worked up a thirst – and there’s only one sure cure when you’re in New Plymouth…a Goombay Smash from Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar!! I can’t wait to see Miss Violet again – she is such a sweet lady! I never had the pleasure of meeting her mother, Miss Emily, but from what I hear, Violet got her kindness honestly! Miss Violet’s birthday was later in the week and she was going to celebrate it with several friends who also had birthdays that week. Someone had gotten a banner that said “Happy Birthday Friends” with each of their names and birth dates. When we first arrived, we were the only ones there, but we were quickly joined by one of the other birthday girls. We went off to find our T-shirts that have been hung on previous trips – my in-laws hung their first shirt from the rafters in 1972. It eventually rotted away, and has been replaced. (in 1999, I think) We add a new year & signature each trip. Ray & I started our own shirt last time – hopefully we’ll be adding many signatures to it in the years to come! Even though Miss Violet & her friend had not seen each other in a while & were catching up, they asked us to come visit with them. We had such an enjoyable time just sitting and chatting – like old friends! We ordered lunch from the Wrecking Tree (conch burger & grouper sandwich – I never get tired of it!) and washed it down with another Goombay Smash. The Goombay Smash is another tricky drink – there’s a reason why it’s not called the “Goombay Little Bit Tipsy”, so be careful!!! After lunch, we left them to visit while we walked around a little more. If you want a quick Cliff-Notes version of Green Turtle history, you must visit the Sculpture Garden. Busts of notable community members and leaders surround a central sculpture & plaque with information on how the island was settled. It’s very interesting! We find ourselves being drawn back into the doors of Miss Emily’s. We say our goodbyes and order one more for the trip. I’m very sorry we won’t be able to help the girls celebrate their birthdays at the big party on Friday. I’m sure everyone will have a marvelous time!

On our way back home, we stop at Whale Cay to do a little shell seeking. Oh boy! You don’t have to search very hard at all! What I was surprised to see was so much beach glass! If I had started paying attention earlier, I would have come home with a whole pocket full! Someone had built a campsite, complete with a thatch roofed picnic table, grill, cooking areas – even a fire extinguisher! I know Lincoln takes his groups on a picnic – perhaps this is someone’s picnic beach??? It was really pretty neat!

We’ve got to get a move on, we’re going to be late getting home! Oops! Seems we didn’t leave in quite enough time – we are pulling up to the dock, right as the sun is setting. Sorry, Troy!! We promise to do better tomorrow!

Wednesday night is Potluck Night at Sunset Bar – everyone brings a dish (as much as you would eat) and spread it all out on the picnic table by the bar. I sure am glad I lugged that casserole (black bean & spinach lasagna – yum!) all the way here – that’s perfect!

What a wonderful event! That is one of my favorite memories from the whole trip! Locals, cruisers, tourists – all sharing good food, good drinks, and good conversation. We truly felt as if we were a part of the community, even if it was only for a week!

We enjoyed meeting & dining with Debbie Pearce. She and her husband Wayne run the Abaco Freedom – a cruising hotel boat. That sounds like an interesting way to see Abaco!

Everything must have been good – because there wasn’t a crumb left by the end of the night – I know I enjoyed my dinner!

Time to go home and to bed – I can’t believe our week is half way over! It goes by too fast!

Happy B-Day Violet & Myra!
TShirt @ Miss Emily's
Me at the campsite on Whale Cay


Thursday, January 27th – Little Harbour, Tiloo Beach, Lubbers Quarters

Today we plant to go to Little Harbour. The wind has let up some – so it’s a good day to try. If it’s too rough, we’ll go to Hope Town for the day. Breakfast, Cruiser’s Net, showers, and we’re off!

It really wasn’t rough at all – especially compared to Monday! We stopped by Seaspray Marina to get some gas. Junior said they had gas, but the calibration on the pumps was off. The only fair way to measure (so that buyer nor seller got cheated) was with a can, which we didn’t have. (This is likely fixed by now…& FYI – the docks looked fine!) Oh well, it was good to cruise through there and see the area. Lots of work and what looked like new construction in the area. We take a quick detour to Lighthouse Marina and we are soon back on route. It was a beautiful day (I only had one beach towel wrapped around my legs today!) and smooth all the way to Little Harbour. That is such a great ride!

The dock closest to Pete’s Pub had a “use at your own risk” sign – and it did seem a little shaky. We opted for the next dock over which looked quite sturdy. We were already hungry, so we went straight to Pete’s and ordered lunch. Mango glazed grouper sandwich for Ray, and garlic & ginger seared tuna sandwich for me. Both were very, very good! We enjoyed our lunch on the new deck right on the water across the street from Pete’s. Very nice! After lunch we browsed the Gallery and walked around a bit.

I am always intrigued by the sculptures in the gallery – maybe one day we’ll be there when they’re doing a casting! Then it was time for a Blaster – which we enjoyed while talking to a couple on a sailboat from Charleston who come every year, a couple from NJ on their first trip, and several locals. (This is a the typical make up of a bar crowd – I love it!) It seems the Murrells Inlet shirt we signed last time became a casualty of one of the storms. Most of the shirts were still there, and may have looked a little better for the washing they received from Mother Nature! If you’re not up for a Blaster and Leigh is working, I would suggest ordering a “Leigh’s Squeeze” – very tasty & not too sweet!

We decide to stop by Tiloo Beach on our way back. It was as secluded and beautiful as ever! I hate that the water was too cold (& I’m too wimpy!) to swim or snorkel. It’s a nice place to snorkel, swim, or just float (or “noodle” as Dr. Ralph suggests!) We had a very nice stroll – and saw TONS of sea biscuits and “sea buttons”. Since there’s no need trying to get those home, I opted to take pictures instead. I would take a picture, walk 5 steps, take another picture, fill up the disc on the digital, toil over which one to delete, repeat…

From Tiloo, we cruise over to Lubbers Quarters and Cracker P’s. Since we’re the only ones there, we order a Shotgun (?? – I swear, how am I supposed to keep all of these house drinks straight? All I know is, they’re all good!) and enjoy looking at the renovations/additions they’ve made since the last time we were here. We bought some t-shirts (they have some new designs) and koozies – and I got an order of their WONDERFUL fish dip to go. They told me how to bake it, and even gave us a small box of crackers to go with it. I can’t wait – it is so good!

We actually got back to the Dive Guana dock with some time to spare today! We unload our stuff & rinse the boat a bit – this our last day boating. I do believe we have gotten our money’s worth out of a boat this week!! Tomorrow we will enjoy our last day around Guana.

We decide to stay in for dinner. We fried the conch fritters from Miss Lola’s and baked the fish dip from Cracker P’s. A very nice dinner, indeed! Tomorrow is our last day – where has the week gone???

Pete's Pub, Little Harbour
Our "beach walking cooler"
Sand Dollar on Tiloo
Cracker P's


TRIP REPORT, Day 7 & 8

January 28th – Guana Cay

Today is our last day, how can that be??? We are going to spend the day on Guana taking it easy and trying to devise a plan to overtake the L’il Gecko. Do you think Jim & Kathy would notice if we just never left?

We spent the morning getting some of our clothes together – how do clothes grow while they’re out of the suitcase. I swear they all came in that bag, why won’t they fit, now? Enough of this, we’re wasting precious time! We took some of our shell treasures we found and placed them around the garden. This garden is such a wonderful retreat! There are flowers in bloom and vegetable ready to pick – and it’s January!! We really enjoyed our time spent here…

We are going to Guana Seaside for lunch today, so we load up the golf cart and headed “off the beaten path” once more. There are still workers very hard at work. I guess there was still some hurricane cleanup to do, but for the most part, it looked really good! They were hosting a yoga retreat the next week, and apparently the whole place was booked! (They were even going to have a special menu for the retreaters – how nice!) I’ve never given yoga a try, but I really can’t imagine a more beautiful place than sitting on that beach! Of course, the view is just as good from the bar! We had conch & grouper (AGAIN! Never enough!) and both were quite good, especially when washed down with a Jolly Bob and served by Glenn! We enjoyed the view a bit more and then it was time to head back toward the settlement – I need to make some purchases before we leave!

We stopped by Milo’s to chat and bought a shell bracelet that he handmade. It was very pretty, and I know the little girl who is pet sitting for us will LOVE it! Onto the little gift shop right by Milo’s (sorry, I just cannot remember the name!) where we got a couple more little treats. Then to Nipper’s to buy new t-shirts and koozies. (I don’t know if you noticed, we like t-shirts & koozies J) I even went to the food store to pick up some more Guava Jelly. I may not be able to have that wonderful bread & butter, but at least I can have the jelly! We rode by the Abaco Queen, and there was a child’s birthday party going on. What a wonderful location for a party! The kids were having such a good time! They were “driving” the boat, swinging on the T-top, climbing all over – they were so cute! We sat under the Fig Tree, still trying to come up with a plan to stay just a little longer. I look up toward the Hardware store, and could it be – the “Board Famous” Pat W. & husband Sidney? I’m sure I was the millionth person to say, “Are you Pat, from the Abaco Board?” And for the millionth time, she politely said she was. We were so glad to finally meet them – and they are both as nice as you could imagine! I’m truly sorry we didn’t meet you guys earlier in the week! Pat suggested we go to High Rocks, and gave us directions. One last adventure before we leave!

There was no one at the gate at Orchid Bay, so we went on in. We found the new development and went to the one structure that was built. You think we’re in the right place? One look down the beach, and you know why it’s called High Rocks. Such a neat place! Each new area was prettier than the last. I know I took a ton of pictures! I am certainly glad we came out here!

We head back to get ready for dinner. We’ve got to return our golf cart on the way and walk the rest of the way back to the house. Every single car & golf cart that passed us asked us if we wanted a ride. Every single one. That says so much. But, tonight we are going to Blue Water Grill for “Down Home Cooking” night and we need to work up an appetite! They are busy tonight – the bar is full, and Renee is busy! We get a table by the window in front of the bar – I don’t think there’s too many people dining on the deck tonight! We had grilled grouper and Bar-B-Que chicken. Both were wonderful!!! Halfway through dinner Renee sees us and asks what we’re doing way over there. We tell her there’s no room at the bar. She said, “I would have told them my friends were here, move over!” Now that, is a compliment! We do have an after dinner Red Sky Punch and visit with her a bit.

We head to Nippers for one last Nipper before the sad task of going home to finish packing. Well maybe our two last Nippers – the packing doesn’t really have to be that good, just enough to get home tomorrow! We stay until Mike says it’s time for everyone to go home. I think OMG, where did the time go! It must be midnight! I’ve got stuff to do before tomorrow morning! When we get back, I realize it’s only 9:30! (It probably was a good call on Mike’s part, it really was time to go home!) We pack up, straighten up, and sadly go to bed. Chorene will be here at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Saturday, January 29th

Up bright & early! Chorene will be here soon! I run upstairs to take a picture of the sunrise before breakfast. Such a beautiful morning! I can’t believe we did so much this week! The only thing I know we didn’t do was go to Treasure Cay. We’ve been once before, and I look forward to going again – maybe next time…

We get to the ferry right on time, a big hug from Chorene, and it’s time to go. Just think, as sad as we are today, somewhere, some other people are waking up so excited they can’t stand it, because their vacation is just about to start! We had an hour to kill in Marsh Harbour before we needed to be at the airport. There’s a lot of work being done! It was too early for most restaurants/businesses to be open, so it was hard to tell what was closed for repairs and what was closed for the morning. We got to the airport in Marsh Harbour, and since it was just us and one other guy flying out that morning, we were able to leave as soon as we were all there. There was a good bit of turbulence, but our pilot was quite good, and got us to Fort Lauderdale with no problems. Customs were a breeze, we got the car out of parking, and now it’s time for a 10 hour drive.

It’s also time to start saving our pennies and dreaming of our next trip to Abaco….
Sunrise 1/29/05 - from Lil Gecko crows nest

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A "fixer upper" at Little Harbour
Tiloo Beach
Sunset, January 27th from L'il Gecko crows nest