Being the age of the BLOGGER, we must report that this page is no longer updated as of 2011. Many vacationers to Abaco including folks of the sailing / boating cruising community choose to post their adventures on their own blogs specifically. AND Frankly year after year it's pretty much the same thing. However to get a feal for things you would be mistaken to overlook the best of the best stories posted here as all are informative and contain useful travel tips and info. Quite a few are worthy of literary significance and most have great pictures.
Note: Abaco Escape's Update Page ( still continues with information deemed informative or out of the ordinary and is posted when applicable.

Abaco Vacation Experiences & Travel Narratives.
Tales of Abaco Travelers in their own words and pictures as linked to
Sandy Estabrook’s Guide to the Abacos.

Vacation Stories:
These are unedited first hand reports with pictures from the Abaco Message Boards. When a trip to Abaco is not in your immediate plans, these stories will take you there and where you can relive an Abaco Escape vicariously through the experiences of others. Our trip stories used to update the home pages of AbacoEscape can be found at AbacoUpdate.Com.

As for Abaco:
A post by LrryT, Larry & Cathy of Zanesville, Ohio, put it this way."........................... There is something intangible and unique about Abacos. The trip reports help to create an objective image, but to all who read this and have not made the trip, the experience of being there is even more magical than the photos. Hard to describe adequately in words and little pictures.
A post by Hobie1, Bruce & Lesley of Pasadena, Maryland says it all. "........................... Well I thought this site (a Message Borad) had some people who seemed just a little over enthused about a vacation destination. Now I fully understand. This place has grabbed me heart and soul................... I can't say I came home from there. I feel "there" lies my home I never knew existed... Hope that doesn't sound too corny... We're already discussing our next trip.

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JerseyCouple, - Todd and Mary return to their home away from home and Green Turtle Cay for New Years and Junkanoo

Abacobrad, Cartersville, GA - Abaco regulars, Brad ans Suzzane return to To Green Turtle for a quiet getaway. - August

VickiH, Savannah, GA - Vicki & Matt return to Abaco for their 5th visit. Here is Vicki's actual blog which has to be one of the absolute best "blogs" to date. You'll love her amenable style and lovely photos. - July       Vicki's picture page is featured here "The Colors of Abaco"

2manyboats, Dallas, TX - Charlie & Sharon's madden voyage to the Abacos for their 25th Anniversary can be summed up in Charlie's words "'s became clear, -this is what Abaco is all about!" - June

deanbrown, Toronto, Canada - This Log / Blog of Dean & Trish aboard a Mooring Charter with two other couples will be much appreciated by chartering / sailing folks.  It includes a great planner, picts and even VIDEOS - a first here. - May

CharlotteCouple, Charlotte, NC - Lat & Debby return to their island of choice Man-O-War. Including new day trips to the Fowl Cays, the Pelican Cays and nightime fun at a Full Moon Party. And do you know what a Chiton is? - May

Klittle, Southwest, TX - First trip to Abaco and Great Guana Cay for Kaylor and Brian. ".... first time I walked onto the deck and saw the ocean.... I could not stop starring at it.... May

JerseyCouple - As so many do, the Shipman's return for a second visit only this time ABOARD A CAPTAINED CHARTER BOAT that includes sailing instructions. - March.

Local Knowledge, Hope Town, Abaco - Hope Town resident and guide takes family on a trek to the "new must see thing to do" when in Abaco, the Hole in the Wall Lighthouse - February

Razorren, Nassau, - Even folks from Nassau vacation in Abaco. Ren, Sherrel and their boys visit friends in secluded Casuarina Point. This photo essay says it all. - Christmas

jsprague, Portland Or, - Short and to the point, our Off Season Trip to Guana Cay - Bad Choice: "Intense storms, wicked mosquitos and strange jelly fish". But Lovely people. Sept.

theKurp, Oviedo, FL, - Breaking with tradition, we've decided to post a trip story to the out island group of EXUMA. A hundred miles south of Abaco, Exuma and more laid back and where life is pretty much as it was decades ago. Sept.

MJTaz, East Peoria, IL - Not many Abaco visitors take the time to take the Off the Beaten Path Romps of Jack & Melinda on Mainland Abaco with emphasis on the Hole in the Wall Lighthouse. - Great Photos. July

bestilly, Columbus, IN - Bill & Ethel's return trip to Abaco. This report is expressed in poetry, truly a first for this page. July

Shelby, Los Angeles, CA - Amanda & Tom return for a First Wedding Anniversary visit. One week each at Green Turtle Cay & Elbow Cay (Hope Town). May

AbacoParrott, Cramerton, N.C. - Ken and Carol return to GUANA CAY and rendezvous with friends they met on an Abaco Message Board May

CharlotteCouple, Charlotte, N.C. - Lat and Debby vacation at the quiet Island of MAN-O-WAR, joined by friends for the 2nd week. Lots of Picts. - April

PatW, Orange Pk, Fl now Guana Cay, - A Photo Essay & Tale of Love and resettlement to Guana Cay Abaco. April

Mojito, Macclenny, FL, - "Man-What a trip!" (Guana Cay) First time for us (Hubby, 2 daughters, and me) Easter

JersyGirl, as the name implies, - Todd & Mary Compare Green Turtle Cay and the Abacos to Eleuthera. - March

stilly, White River Junction, VT, - Corey's 5th, Ann's 1st trip to Green Turtle Cay - Short and sweet - March

Rykat, Bricktown, NJ, - "Joe & Jean's fishing holiday. (No picts but a good read for the fishermen) - November

Big Ed, Fremont, NH, - "This was our first trip to the Abacos, and there will definitely be many more!" November

bestilly, Columbus, IN, - Colt Fans Bill and Ethel return to Abaco for another visit." August

bobklam, Kingwood, TX, - "Belated Abaco Trip Report - Grumpy Old Fishermen" June

Dpdash, Pompano Beach, Fl - Family Fun and FISHING -The Dasher family head to the Abacos aboard their boat - July

BahamaBabe, North Carolina - Julie and Stephen's mid summer Abaco Escape - June

Shelby, Los Angeles, Ca - Junkanoo Wedding & Honeymoon - June .

JJ, Central Florida - Green Turtle Trip Report with the girls - June .

gator, Coppell, Tx - Trip Report - Treasure Cay - June .

Serenity, Oklahoma - What this family doesn't say in words is made up for in pictures - May

freshmaker, NYC - 1st Trip Report, Couple trade in the concrete jungle for the Abacos. May

cookie909, Atlanta - Trip Report including the GTC Festival, Junkanoo and 3 Potcakes! - May

Megalops Wakulla Springs, Fl - Despite weather problems and a broken down generator, this family of four have a fun time aboard Morgan their 36' Gulfstar Trawler, on it's maiden voyage to the Abacos. - April

TA, Cortland, Ohio - Trip Report-..... absorb all the peace and quiet of Elbow Cay: April

Wonkee, Olathe, KS - Trip (Fishing) Report- A Day at Snake Cay: December,

DaGoose, Southern Ca - 2nd Abaco Trip, "Rick couldnŐt go, so I took my parents." Nov. .

Kathrine, Oxford, N.C. - Lubbers Trip - short, sweet and says it all. No picts. Oct. .

bestillyt, Columbus, IN - Abaco is Awesome: August 12,

cantwait, Greenville, SC - First Time Visitor Trip Report: July / Aug

RumPunch, Auburn, Ca - My Abaco Trip - a Photo Essay: July

elcahun, San Diego - Honeymoon Couple Trip Report (really): July

darnold, Coppell, Texas - Trip Report Treasure Cay: July

elcahun, San Diego - You know you're an Abaco junkie if: ,,, July

lrryt, Columbus, Ohio - Wife's 1st Trip June 24,

Travelgirl3, Burlington Ont. Ca. - Guana & Lubbers Trip Report - May

DaGoose, Southern Calif - Our First Abaco Adventure March

Travelgirl3 , Burlington, ON, CA - Trip Report: Our First Trip to Guana Cay, June

Haziewaller, Frankfort, KY - Trip Report: Green Turtle Cay: Feb.

BA, Murrells Inlet, SC - Trip Report: January

CaywannaBay, Oak Hills, Ca, - Our First Trip Report: March

Notice, the number of folks who return and numerous times.