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About Sandy Estabrook's Complementary Web Design

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It all began after retiring to Florida in 1990. Having been self taught in RPGII, IBM's small business computer language. and looking to fill some of my idle time, I looked into HTML. Soon I got the basics and created my first website about an inspired by an earlier visit to French Polynesia It's still up today and gets a thousand visits a month.

I then created another webpage about a subject that I was totally familiar, The Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. This is my biggie averaging over six thousand visits a month. It's my commercial site as it includes vendor advertising. It consists of over thirty secondary pages.

Next in significance is, a sketch of the small farm town of Wilson NY and its harbor life on Lake Ontario. It's where my wife grew up and we spend our summers. That lead to and Sunset Island.

It seemed when I came upon an area or item of intimate interest I put together a website on the subject sometimes with an associated domaine name. A few relating to our home town of Sarasota are Sandy's Sunsets and my most recent the new Then in the spring of 2012, as a service to friends, I put together a ministerial site.

Still there are a couple dozen others some of which must remain private. A few that are not, is my name which will take you to a wacky page about my love of the musical genre Doo Wop. There is even a page for Trekies. Lastly some old B&W photos interest 1968 New York .

Musical accompaniment playlists associated with selected websites were changed from Flash to HTML5 in 2012 to be of use with iPhones/Pads etc. And they all have been added to one playlist My most recent web site is of early 2013. It's a commemorative page of the passing of photographic artist Stephen Andrus. A myriad of his incredible photographs are included.

So that's the story of my web evolution. Now-a-days, new code has far surpassed the general abilities of HTML alone and relegating it to being only a minor part of the whole picture. Today I produce a webpage hear and there for friends and kept busy by updates existing sites.

We'd love to hear from you.


PS. As for this page,, srq is the airport code of Sarasota and a page I once used it to sell my old condo. SRQ2 is NOW FOR SALE.