Abaco Bartenders
Many still around. Others *retired from the profession.

Green Turtle Cay's Bar Tending Ladies:
1) Violet at Miss Emily's Blur Bee Bar.     2) Everybody's friend Debi, at The Green Turtle Club.     3) Vern* at the Bluff House and 4) Evon at Pineapples.

1) Gary at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge,     2) Johnny the Boss Man Himself at Nippers, Along with 3) Mickey.     4) Roy* and George* at the Abaco Inn.

1) Sabrina* at Cracker P's - Lubbers Quarters,     2 & 3) Lee* at Pete's Pub, Little Harbour doing a bit from the movie “Cocktail”.

1) Pete Johnson proprietor of Pete's Pub, 2) Linda & Patrick, proprietors at Cracker P's. 3) The elusive Captain Jack. Proprietor of the establishment baring his name.

1) Justin at Harbours edge. 2) T.J., Bartender at Ray's (H.T.H.L) and Curlie Tails - Marsh Harbour. 3) Brook*, Bartender at Ray's (Shown here at her shop “Sun Dried Tee's” )

1) Althea at Capt'n Jacks.        2) Tonya at Cracker P's        3) Pat* at Nippers

1) Robby at Ray's Place (H.T.H.L.)        2) Mike the Manager at Jack's        3) Joey at Curley Tails

Honorable mention goes to: Three of the Nine Sisters - Wonda, Wilma and Dafney (Taken at the Abaco Inn)

Three Newbes from Cracker P's 1) John, 2) Monice, 3) Brendan and 4) Shane from Harbours Edge

From 1) Sundowners on GTC - Caroline, 2) Christine from Nippers and 4) Troy from Grabbers

The main players from Treasure Cay: Sam Cooper AKA Jr. from the Tipsy Bar, Clevi Fawkes from Spinnakers and the late (6/09) Prince Bodie from Coco Beach Bar

The Night shift from the Tipsy Bar