From Sandy Estabrook's Guide to the Abacos

Bahamian Lobster Tail is the Pièce de résistanc for the culinary minded. Remember they are not Maine lobsters and don't have claws. They are usually easy to catch by hand wearing gloves. You don't want to get a cut by their spiny carapace as a wound can some times get infected. Another method is to use an Hawaiian sling, pole spear, or 'tickle and bully net'. Keep in mind you must be 200 yards off shore to use this method or spear any fish. Spiny Lobster happens to be the biggest food export of the Bahamas, understandably with so many islands and the plethora of reefs. Just look in crevices or where coral meats the sand. The season is closed from April to July and non residents at limited to 10 Lobsters per boat. (1/08) So if you have 3 - 4 folks diving from a boat be sure no more than ten lobsters are aboard. Of course, if you take the home and come back for more that is another thing.

In restaurants lobster tail is available year round however and is frozen off season which is, in any case, what we are used to in the States. You might be surprised to learn that this local delicacy is frozen during season also. The only way to guarantee a fresh lobster is for you or friends to catch one themselves. Stateside purchase of Bahamian Lobster Tails can be found, but at all places Sam's Warehouse Outlets with broiling recipe or just Google one. There are many variations but our choice is broiled. And to make it truly Bahamian, serve with peas & rice, coleslaw and baked macaroni & cheese.

Due to over fishing by primarily American sports fisherman resulting in stock depletion, the Bahamian Government drafted a set of rules to go in effect January 2007, revised January 2008. As intended, they primarily effect those fishing aboard a U.S. registered vessel. There will be little impact on the casual tourist who hires a Bahamian guide or fishes off a rental boat. But for the sports fishing organizers and tournaments, that's another story.

Revised Bahamian Fishing Regulations - 1 January, 2008.