From Sandy Estabrook's Guide to the Abacos

B A H A M I A N    M U S I C

A Great "We are the World" Bahamaian Video featuring todays contemporary Bahamian recording artists young and old from a wide range of genres; Calypso, Rake n Scrape, Rap and Hip Hop got together to volunteer their time and talent to perform the Bahamian classic tune entitled; "Get Involved" written and composed by the late Tyrone Fritzgerald aka Dr Offffff.

This hot collaborative effort was produced by Bahamian recording artist 'K.B.' The lyrics of the Get Involved highlight the value of volunteering and helping our follow man.

The vocals are performed by; K.B, T'Rez Hepburn, Funky D, Veronica Bishop, Ira Storr, Ronnie Butler, Wilfred Solomon, Papa Smurf, Mdeez, Dyson Knight, Rik Carey, Junior Prodigy, Lady E, Colyn McDonald.