From Sandy Estabrook's Guide to the Abacos, Bahamas

The Colors of Abaco
Photos by Vicki Hatfield

We happened upon Vicki Hatfield a few years ago on an Abaco bulletin board. Never before had we come across a collection of photos that capture the colors of Abaco, its waters and sky as does Vicki. Vicki, a regular Abaco visitor shot these for the most part at Guana Cay. She obliged us with the use of these stunning photos all of which are click to enlargeable for wallpaper for your computer (1440 x 960 px).

Generally, Vicki posts her photos after her Abaco visits at her site. Here you will also notice groupings of other interesting destinations in the US and abroad for your perusal. They are NOT in chronological order.

Beyond her talents as a photographer, Vicki posts an excellent blog. Her most recent Abaco posting 2013. From there you can tag along on her other trips to other locations.

A tip: Planning a trip to the tropics anywhere, be sure to use a polarized filter on your camera. Thinking about buying a new camera, make sure the lens is threaded to accept filters.


Sandy's shoots too. Here are some of his and friends wide screen favorites
from his Abaco Guide,